About Learning Turkish or About Learning Anything.

Years ago when I myself was learning to play the trumpet I followed the precepts of Raphael Mendez as laid out below. Many people have since asked me - "How do I learn Turkish?" I feel that his ideas are the way to follow to attain some success and ability (in learning anything at all). I copy them here for your kind consideration.
Manisa Turkish - Kawerau, New Zealand.

"Your study in music (or language) will be much like your study in school; you develop so much in one grade to prepare yourself for understanding in the next. There are to be times when the road will seem a bit rough, but console yourself with the thought that the final goal is more than worth the effort.
All over the world students meet the same problems, and overcome them just as you surely will.
Opportunity lies before you; make the most of it, I know that you can succeed.

Raphael Mendez 5kb


Show the world that you can."

Raphel Mendez 5kb
  • The Precepts
  • Seek Knowledge: Acknowledge your ignorance and grasp every opportunity to learn. Look for criticism, and never be ashamed to ask questions.
  • Form Good Associations: Choose your company wisely. Avoid those who would undermine your resolution. Seek those who will stimulate you to better efforts.
  • Keep Your Aim High: Know that enjoyment in music (and in language) goes in direct proportion to ability. Always aim high - up and up.
  • Welcome Difficulty: Recognize difficulties for what they are - stepping stones along the way to test your will. Once surmounted, they will spur you on.
  • Have Patience: Stick by your guns. Know that then you will attain your goal, however long the road, whatever the difficulties.
  • Have Courage: Fortify yourself with firm resolution. Stubborn resolve will bear you up when strength is needed.
  • Have Faith: Know that success lies within you. Know that firmness of purpose and perseverance are prerequisites of success. Cast doubt from your mind and believe in yourself.
  • "I wish you every good luck" Raphael Mendez
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