Metropolitan Districts of Izmir
Metropoltan Izmir
All about Izmir Coordinates: 38°26' North 27°09' East

Izmir is composed of 9 metropolitan districts: Balçova, Bornova, Buca, Çiğli, Gaziemir, Güzelbahçe, Karşıyaka, Konak and Narlıdere Population (2014) 4,113,072.

It has twelve metropolitan districts headed by the Mayor of Izmir. Balçova, Bayraklı Bornova, Buca, Çiğli, Gaziemir, Güzelbahçe, Karabağlar, Karşıyaka, Konak, Menemen, Narlıdere, and Torbalı

Alsancak -Izmir
Alsancak Carşı

A select neighbourhood with a unique character in modern Izmir. Stretching from the waterfront esplanade inland most of the area has been transformed into a pedestrian precinct, so there is no traffic to disturb shoppers and strollers.

The streets lined by modern buildings and attractive shops lead onto the square where Alsancak station stands. The old part of town can be found in the back streets behind the sea promenade

Municipal Regions of Greater Izmir
Izmir Agora
Izmir Agora 13kb

Revealed in central Izmir during excavations carried out in 1932-1941 in the district of Namazgah. It was not only a market place, but the location of public institutions and the Temple of Zeus. The Agora is open to the public between 9.00 -12.00 and 13.00 -18.00.

Alsancak - Izmir
An Ottoman Balcony in Alsancak
Balcony in Alsancak 24kb

Many old back streets in th old Ottoman area of Alsancak still have their own unique character, The older buildings are fitted with Ottoman balconies where the residents an relax and watch the world go by. Many of these older buddies are gradually being modernized and their unique outlook is slowly fading into history.

Anglican Church Izmir
Anglican Church
St Johns Anglican Church, Izmir

St. John the Evangelist, Alsancak. The first Anglican Church was built in Izmir about 1625. The present building was built with money raised by local people and was completed in 1899. Our lovely historical buildings sit in the centre of Izmir proper.

Izmir Asansör
Asensor 14kb

The city's famous public elevator, and a symbol of Izmir. This elevator links Mithatpaşa street below with Halil Rifat Paşa street at the summit of the precipitous hill. It was built in 1907 and restored by the municipality in 1993. The upper terrace has a breathtaking view over the city and the bay. Here there is an open-air cafe, a restaurant and a Genoese tavern.

Balçova District Izmir
Balcova Spa 14kb

This spa is on the outskirts of Izmir on the road to Urla and Çeşme. There are modern facilities for visitors to the hot springs and luxury hotels. The temperature of the water is 63 degrees C.

Teleferik Railway Izmir
Teleferik (Balçova)
Telaferik 15kb

In the Balçova district, lies a small piece of heaven in the otherwise busy city of Izmir. The cable car was built in 1974 by Balçova Belediye. One of the most interesting places to visit in Izmir is to take a ride up to the mountain park in the Teleferik (Cable Car) [not open on Mondays]. At the top the is a large lake view and you can have BBQ in the pine forests. There are shops and bars and restaurants available. If you decide to have a BBQ then you buy your meat and vegetables and bread from the shops available and the charcoal BBQ is set up for you by the park staff and do not forget a little tip for the charcoal man! Please do not take you own food. Also at Balçova is an excellent municipal open-air swimming baths this is to be found just alongside the bus terminus at Balçova itself.

Urla Sea Resort - Izmir
Katmer 8kb

Urla is a resort 42 km from Izmir on the road to Çeşme. The residents of Izmir spend their summers and weekends here. Famous for a local pastry dish katmer and for meat and fish restaurants.

Alsancak - Izmir
An Ottoman Area in Alsancak
No14 Sokak Alsancak 11kb

A select neighbourhood with a unique character in modern Izmir. Stretching from the waterfront esplanade inland most of the area has been transformed into a pedestrian precinct, so there is no traffic to disturb shoppers and strollers. The streets lined by modern buildings and attractive shops lead onto the square where Alsancak station stands. The old part of town can be found in the back streets behind the sea promenade

Bar Street Izmir
Barla Sokağı
Barlar Sokağı 21kb

Street of Bars. Some of the attractive old houses under conservation order in Alsancak now house bars and restaurants. There are many excellent restaurants in this area all serving Turkish cuisine to the local Izmirlis and their families.

Basmane Izmir
Basmane Gar 21kb

In this district are Izmir's old-fashioned shopping streets, the park where the famous Izmir Fair is held each September, and Basmane station. Main line trains leave for Ankara, İstanbul, Aydin and Izmir Airport.

Bornova Izmir
A house in Bornova Izmir
House in Bornova 19kb

A suburb of Izmir, Bornova was the hub of the Levantine community in the late l9th and 20th centuries. Today it houses the campus of Ege University.

The Izmir Manisa road passes through Bornova, which is linked to the city center by a 7 km railway line.

It is situated at the Manisa and main Ankara crossroads. It has many upper class type houses in standing their own gardens.

Clock Tower - Konak, Izmir
Clock Tower at Konak
Izmir ClockTower 8kb

Another symbol of the city, this picturesque clock tower in Konak Meydan was built in 1901 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Abduhamit II's accession to the throne.

The Clock Tower is at the entrance to The Kemeraltı Market area near to the ASANSÖ. Across the road is the local central bus terminus. Corporation buses run to all parts of greater Izmir. At Konak Feribot İstasyonu there are ferries to Karşıyaka or Bostanlı

Çeşme Sea Resort
Çeşme 20kb

This popular and attractive resort west of Izmir is famous for its modern hotels, sparkling clean sea and wonderful sandy beaches. It is on a peninsular and is a dormitory weekend spa for Izmir.

Ephesus Roman Library
Roman Library at Ephesus (Efes)
Roman Library Ephesus 18kb

An ancient city three km from the town of Selçuk south of Izmir. During both the Hellenistic and Roman periods Ephesus was the most important port and cultural centre of the eastern world. The remains of the city are still spellbinding today.

The magnificent temples, public buildings, villas and streets of Ephesus have been excavated and restored. The best way to visit is start from the back gate then you can walk down all day and not get tired. Most tours take you to the front gate but you have to walk uphill all day.

Çipura Fish
The Çıpura 15kb

Izmir's legendary fish. Found widely in both the Mediterranean and Aegean.Go into any of Izmir's many sea food restaurants and order grilled Çipura, with a local salad.. What could be more sublime!

Old Focha
Eski Foça
Eski Foça 13kb

A picturesque fishing town 50 km north of Izmir. A magnet for holiday makers during summer today, Foça was an important Ionian town in antiquity.

Fortress Mosque Izmir
Hisar Camii (Mosque)
Hisar Cami 13kb

The city's most magnificent mosque in the district of Hisar next to Kemeraltı office complex. It is roofed by a large dome resting on eight piers, and noted for the decoration on the altar niche and pulpit.

House Of The Virgin Mary, Turkey
House Of The Virgin Mary
Maryamana 14kb

This holy Christian shrine on Bülbül Dağı (Nightingale Mount) between Selçuk and Ephesus (Efes) was sanctified by Pope Paul VI in 1967, after the Vatican confirmed that the Virgin Mary had spent the last years of her life here. Numerous travel agencies in Izmir organize day tours to the House of the Virgin Mary and Ephesus.

Sea Breeze Izmır
Izmir Kordon 13kb

The sea breeze which brings relief to Izmir's inhabitants in the blazing heat of high summer. A view of the Kordon along the Izmir seafront where you can stroll and enjoy the cooling atmosphere in the evening breeze.

Old Ottoman Guest House
Villa Konak - Kuşadası
Villa konak in Kusadasi

Yours truly wıth two Turkish lady friends on holiday at the brilliant Villa Konak. An old Ottoman estate which has been lovingly restored to its former glory for the benefit of happy holiday makers from all over the world.

Izmır Internatıonal Fair
İzmir Fuar
Izmir Fair 19kb

Since I932 this international trade fair has been the highlight of the summer season in Izmir. From late August to end of September the fair doubles as a popular festival of music and stage events in the Culture Park. In season there are many restaurants and bars open together with a couple of open air theaters and night clubs.
There is also a zoo and a permanent fairground (Lunar Parkı) in the Kultur Park grounds.

Velvet Castle Izmir
KadifeKale 16kb

Velvet Castle. This 4th century BC castle commands a bird's eye view of Izmir and is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the city. Do not visit after twilight as it is the home of feral dogs.

Karşiyaka - Izmir
Karşiyaka (Opposite Shore)
Karşıyaka 8kb

A pleasant residential area with its own esplanade Take the ferry boat from Konak and walk up the main street to the railway station. You can have tea in the lovely cafe on the platform and return to Basmane in central Izmir on the train around the Gulf.

Izmir Meatballs
İzmir Köfte (meatballs)
Izmir Kofte 8kb

Izmir's best known local dish. Eat in an old fashioned back street restaurant in the city. Finely minced meat is kneaded with onion juice, salt, pepper and fresh breadcrumbs and served with tomatoes and peppers.

Izmir Bazaar
Kemeraltı 14kb

The old fashioned shopping district of Izmir, consisting of narrow streets winding their way from Konak towards central Izmir around Anafartalar Caddesi. Here you can find jewellers, drapers, shoemakers, and shops specializing in all kinds of goods from leather to olives and cheese. The atmosphere of an earlier century still pervades the buildings here, with their distinctive 19th century doorways and roof tiles.

Izmir Esplanade (Kordon)
Birinci Kordon 15kb

The famous esplanade between Konak Meydan and Alsancak is packed with promenaders on weekends and fine evenings.

Izmir Lokma Pastry
Miss Ayshe buying Lokma
Lokma 26kb

Lokma is Izmir's celebrated sweet pastry. Tiny balls of yeast dough are fried in hot oil and steeped in syrup as you wait. Queues of customers gather at the stalls where the best lokma is made. Ayshe hanım is purchasing some lokma from a pavement seller

A Garden in Manisa
Miss Ayshe
Ayshe's Mother's Garden 26kb

Miss Ayshe's mother's garden in old Manisa. A beautiful place to eat your lokma.

Pasaport Pier - Izmir
Republic Square Pasaport 14kb

Pasaport (1876) The name for the dock and pier between Konak and Cumhuriyet Meydanı. Until not so long ago the area was full of old fashioned coffee houses which served hookahs (nargile) as well as tea and coffee, but today pubs have supplanted most of them.

Bergama - Turkey
The Amphitheater at Bergama (Pergamum)
Bergama Ampitheater 20kb

The remains of this magnificent ancient city are situated north of Izmir. Founded in the early 3rd century BC, Pergamum was the most powerful and extensive kingdom of Western Anatolia throughout the Hellenistic period.

Teos - Şeferihisar, Turkey
Teos Ruins 18kb

The ruins of Teos are set amidst olive groves at one end of Siğacık harbour near Şeferihisar, famous for its beaches and thermal springs.

Selçuk, Turkey
The Aqueduct Teahouse in Selcuk
Selcuk Kahve 26kb

A town in the foothills of the Aydın mountains 94 km south of Izmir. Selçuk is the site of Ephesus Museum, a magnificent castle and the 6th century Basilica of St.John.

Bayraklı, Izmir
Tepekule 8kb

Excavations in the district of Bayraklı show Izmir's early history. Today the ruins of the Temple of Athena and houses can be seen at Tepeküle.