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Turkish - How to say too much, Too many.

The translation of too, too much is a common difficulty for the student of Turkish.

The dictionary equivalent is fazla in excess

OR lüzumdan fazla in excess of its necessity.

Turkish too meaning very

In daily conversational Turkish çok very is used to convey the meaning too much, too many.

In such a sentence as I didn't buy it, it was too expensive , the "too"çok very.

  • Onu almadım, çok pahalıydı.
    I didn't buy it, it was too expensive.

Turkish too meaning overly, excessively

fazla in excess should be used where the context does not make sense by using çok very

  • Baban, seninle fazla sabırlıdır.
    Your father is too patient with you.

Turkish too as ability to or inability to

For the type of sentence He was too tired to undress (himself)

Neither çok very or fazla in excess is suitable.

Turkish uses a special comparative type construction.

  • Soyunamayacak kadar yorgundu.
    [LIT: He was tired the amount pertaining-to-his-future inability-to-undress.]
    He was too tired to get undressed.

Verb Forms

  • Basic Infinitive:
    to undress somebody else
  • Reflexive Infinitive
    to undress oneself
  • Negative Reflexive Infinitive
    not to undress oneself
  • Negative Potential Reflexive Infinitive
    not to be able to undress oneself

Future Relative Reflexive Participle -ecek/-acak

  • Future Relative Reflexive Participle
    a future undressing of oneself
  • Negative Future Relative Reflexive Participle
    a future not undressing oneself
  • Negative Future Potential Relative Reflexive Participle
    a future not being able to undress oneself

The "too" constuction is future potential relative participle + kadar + comparison verb + person.

  • Sinemaya gidemeyecek kadar meşgulüm.
    I am too busy to go to the cinema.
  • Ayşe, bu yıl tatil yapamayacak o kadar hastaydı.
    [Ayşe, this year her-future-inability-to-make-a- holiday that-amount ill she was.]
    Ayşe was too ill to go on holiday this year.
  • Araba güzel zaman içinde duramayacak kadar çabuk sürüyordu.
    [The car in-good-time its-future-inability-to-stop that-amount quickly was-going.]
    The car was going too fast to be able to stop in time.

Turkish too much, the "shortcut" way

  • pek çok too many
  • pek fazla too much
  • en çok, en fazla, pek çok most (of)
  • bol plenty, abundant
  • çok, pek çok a lot
  • bir yığın a heap of
  • yığınla heaps of
  • hayli plenty of, highly, fairly
  • pek çok very much
  • çok fazla, pek çok oodles of, overmuch