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The Farsi Word siyah black is mainly used for siyah zeytin black olives for eating, otherwise the word kara black is used for the colour black.

The figurative use is kara düşünceleri black (dark thoughts) but it is used universally for the color black.

Another meaning of kara land, shore as in: karayolları land roads (network), main roads, karakuvetleri land forces, kara suları territorial waters, karaburun [LIT: land nose] peninsular

Turkish Qualities of Colours

The suffix -(i)mtrak is used with colours to produce adjectives of color quality:

It retains the form -mtrak and does not follow vowel harmony rules.

  • karamtrak blackish, darkish, dusky
  • sarımtrak yellowish, sallow
  • mavimtrak blueish, blued, steel coloured

Sarımtırak altuni metalik rengi Yellowish golden metallic colour

-(i)msi is also used with colours to produce adjectives of color quality:

This suffix follows vowel harmony rules.

  • morumsu purplish
  • mavimsi bluish
Turkish Colours.
ColourIntensified Color
SiyahBlack Simsiyah Pitch Black
KaraBlackKapkaraPitch Black
BeyazWhite BembeyazSnow White
Kırmızı RedKıpkırmızıBright Red
MaviBlue MasmaviBright Blue
YeşilGreenYemyeşilBright Green
MorPurpleMosmorDeep Purple
PembePinkPespembeShocking Pink
PembePinkTozpembeLight (dusty) Pink
SarıYellow SapsarıBright Yellow
Other Turkish Colours.
Acı Renkli, Uçuk RenkliLurid Coloured
Açık RenkliLight Coloured
Açık yeşilLight green
AlaVariegated, light brown
(alabalık - rainbow trout)
Alacalı bulucalı, Alaca bulucaMany coloured, spotted
Altın RenkliGold Coloured
Altuni Gold Coloured
BoyalıPainted, (dyed)
BozGrey, dun, sienna
Çim RengiLime colour
Çivit RengiIndigo Colour
Gökkuşağı RenkliRainbow Coloured
Gül RengiRose colour
Gümüş RengiSilver color
Gümüş RenkliSilver Coloured
Haki rengiKhaki, Olive drab
İkirenkli, Çift RenkliBi-coloured
KoyuDark (coloured)
Koyu griDark grey
Koyu RenkliDark Coloured
Koyu YeşilDark green
LacivertNavy Blue
Menekşe RengiViolet Colour
Metalik RengiMetallic colour
Morumsu Kırmızı Renk Magenta
NeftiDark Green
NilgünDarkish Blue
Renk / RengiColor / its colour
Zeytin RengiOlive Colour

The Old Turkish Words for Red Al and White Ak are mostly used in place names and family names.

Alsancak Red Banner (an area of İzmir) Akhisar (a town in Turkey) Whitefort, Bay Alkan Mr. Redblood. Otherwise the words beyaz, kırmızı are used

The word kızıl means red-coloured and is only used in certain situations:

  • Kızıldeniz the Red Sea
  • Kızılderili American Red-indian
    [LIT: red-coloured skinned]
  • kızılötesi infra-red
  • kızıl saçlı red haired
  • Kızılay the Red Crescent
    [same as The Red Cross health service.]
  • Kızılırmak the Red River
    [the longest river in Turkey.]


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