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Turkish Spatials - here and there

Formation of Turkish Spatials

The suffix -re- -ra- means place or place of..
For instance nerede? means Where? [Lit: ne-re-de what-place-at]
Similarly the Turkish demonstratives bu şu o this that that (yonder) are suffixed with -ra- meaning place of.. to form the basic spatial:
bura here [LIT: this place]
şura there [LIT: that place]
ora that yonder [LIT: that place over there]
There words are seldom used in this pure form but are extended to show where, from, to, towards by the addition of a suitable suffix.

Forming Turkish Basic Spatials

Adding the Static Position Suffix ([locative] -de/-da in, on, at we form the basic locations:

  • Turkish singular specific place:
  • burada here [Lit: bu-ra-da this-place-at]
  • şurada there
  • orada over there
  • nerede? where?
  • The plural is spatially more vague:
  • buralarda hereabouts, around here
  • şuralarda thereabouts, around there
  • oralarda thereabouts over there, around about over there
  • nerelerde? whereabouts?

Turkish Extended Spatials

  • Adding the Movement Away suffix [ablative] -dan/-den from then the meanings become:
  • buradan from here
  • şuradan from there
  • oradan from there
  • nereden? where from?
  • The plural is spatially more vague
  • buralardan from hereabouts, from around here
  • şuralardan from thereabouts
  • oralardan from thereabouts (distant)
  • nerelerden? from whereabouts?
  • Adding the Movement Toward suffix [dative] -a/-e to, towards then the meanings become:
  • buraya to here
  • şuraya to there
  • oraya to there
  • nereye? where to?
  • The plural is spatially more vague
  • buralara to hereabouts
  • şuralara to around there
  • oralara to thereabouts
  • nerelere? to whereabouts?
  • All the various Noun Conditions can be used to extend the spatials.
  • bura(sı) here
  • burayı here (obj.)
  • buraya to here
  • burada at here
  • buradan from here
  • buranın belonging to here, of here
  • buralar hereabouts
  • bura(sı)yla with this place here
  • The same is also valid for şura(sı), ora(sı) and also interrogative nere(si)?
  • Buralarda bir güzel restoran var mı? Is there a good restaurant around here?
  • Buraya gel! Come (to) here!
  • Oradan yeşil bir araba geldi. A green car came from over there.
  • Şurada büyük bir otel var. There is a big hotel there.
  • şura has a diminutive form şuracık in general use:
  • The meaning becomes just here/there
  • Şuracıkta gazeteyi koyun. Put the newspaper just there/here.
  • There are similar forms for bura becoming buracık and ora becoming oracık.
  • These forms in use, but not as much as the form şuracık