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5.0 out of 5 stars

Clear and Concise Turkish

I have bought many books on Turkish and this is certainly one of the best. It isn't for the raw beginner in my opinion, but if read in conjunction with John Guise's excellent free website (Manisa Turkish) then together they make a powerful learning tool. Some Grammars use an awful lot of complicated English terms which I should have learnt at school, but either didn't, or have now forgotten.
John Guise uses easy language. Where there are difficulties, he explains them and often repeats explanations. Some Grammars assume that just because they have explained something once, then you are going to know it. With me it takes a bit of repetition and I am sure I am not in the minority. He often goes over rules and drops in helpful reminders.
The style of the book, clearly shows the writer has had the same struggles in learning Turkish that we all have, so you feel the tips and advice are really relevant.
By Donkeyoaty UK (Amazon Verified Purchase, 28 April 2012)

This website is perfect for me

Many many thanks, Manisa Turkish is perfect for me. I needed someone to explain Turkish Grammar in a way I could understand.
Jillian S. - a New Zealander in İstanbul by eMail - 27 July 2011

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Book!, December 18, 2013

By Alex (Adana, Turkey) - Amazon Verified Purchase

After looking EVERYWHERE online and in bookstores...This book is BY FAR the BEST Turkish Language book for English Learners on the market.

  • - Married to a Turkish girl…
  • - Been living in Turkey for 3 years…
  • - Used this book to learn how to talk to my wife and family…
  • Many Thanks!

Now in Paperback.
A Treatise on the Turkish Language and its Grammar.

"The Turkish Language Explained for English Speakers."

IBSN 978-0-473-26508-3

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This Treatise on the Turkish Language and its Grammar explains and answers some of the difficulties that the learner of Turkish may encounter along their way. This book focuses on understanding Turkish grammar and logic. Those who are interested in the whys and wherefores of Turkish will find amongst these pages the key to their particular problem of Turkish grammar and syntax.
It covers the basics of Turkish and further expands knowledge and understanding of Turkish by using many examples with explanations. It does not contain any practice exercises or sound files as many of these type of basic Turkish grammar lessons can be found in other text books or on the world wide web.
It is a book that will be used over the whole of the learning process from basic beginner through to intermediate and advanced stages of learning.


The contents of the 43 chapters range over:

Turkish Basic Grammar: Alphabet, Vowel Harmony, Agglutination, Consonant Mutation, Lack of Gender.
Intermediate: Nouns and Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Tenses, Possessive Relationship and Possession.
Advanced: Verb Moods, Participles, Clauses, Spatials and Spatial Relationships, Word Formation in Turkish.
Conversational Items: Time, Seasons, Numbers, Colours, Saying "Thank you", About "buyurun", Expressing Need, Daily Interjections, Modes of Address, Turkish Sign Language, How to say "too much, too many", Daily Talk, Common Door Signs.
Glossaries: List of Daily Locutions, Daily Word List, Irregular Tense List, Turkish Single Syllable Verb List, Intensified Adjectives List.

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Number one Best Selling Kindle book..

Today I received an email from John Guise, the webmaster behind a great Turkish resource called Manisa Turkish. John has put together a fantastically helpful website and for anyone who is serious about learning Turkish, this website is a must bookmark site.
John first came to Turkey in the late seventies and so has been at the Turkish language for some time. And now he has collected all of that experience into a new ebook which has quickly risen to the number one best selling Kindle book for the Language Study Listings at Amazon.
Aaron Myers (Webmaster)

This review is from: "The Turkish Language Explained for English Speakers" (Kindle Edition) Author: John Guise

It Hit the Spot for me - (5.0 out of 5 stars)

The book explains the ins and outs of Turkish grammar and usage, for native English speakers who have a good grasp of English grammar. The author explains, contrasts and gives examples that really do assist in practical terms. On the first occasion that I read the book, I found an answer to a question that nobody had been able to explain to me in 15 years! Whenever I have a question, such as "Why is that so?", "How is that the case?" or I wonder how something is constructed then I have referred to the book and found my answer very quickly.
The cost of the book and the time involved to find the answers to my questions are a fraction of what a private tutor would have cost me and the author seems to totally connect with the mentality of the native English speakers angle.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this book if you want to improve your Turkish grammar.
By Didimsun, UK. (Amazon Verified Purchase, 27 April 2012)

This review is from: "The Turkish Language Explained for English Speakers" (Amazon UK - Kindle Edition)

This is a Really Useful Book - 5.0 out of 5 stars

It is written by an English person who is clearly as fascinated with the Turkish language as I am.
The author starts from the premise that if you have been educated in classical languages (as I was) then you will find some of the Turkish syntactical constructions difficult and he explains them in a way which was akin to light bulbs coming on in my brain!
It's not a "Teach Yourself" book really, because I think you would have to have a reasonable grounding in Turkish grammar (and, to a lesser extent, vocabulary) to get the best out of it but, for the serious student of Turkish, it seems to me to be a real gem.
By Mags (Ely, UK)- Amazon Verified Purchase, May 2012

This review is from: "The Turkish Language Explained for English Speakers" (Kindle Edition)

Best Turkish Grammar Book on the Market - 5.0 out of 5 stars

I've been learning Turkish on and off for 8 years. I've visited the country many times and I've taken 2 beginner's courses.

I have looked both inside and outside Turkey for a good book on the language, and I am happy to say that I have finally found it! I think this book is fantastic, and it really "joins the dots" for many of the pieces I have in my head. I am writing this review from Turkey and having it available on a Kindle is even better, as I prefer to travel light. It is not the easiest language to learn, but John's book clearly explains may of the trickiest parts, including special descriptions for areas which are particularly difficult for English speakers.

It is a thorough treatment of the entire language but not dry and boring like other grammar books. It uses many examples and especially usefully, breaks the sentences down into the individual grammar components, as well as providing direct English translations. The direct (word for word) translations help one understand the completely different way in which Turks compose sentences: this is probably the hardest part of the language to master and John's method is very helpful.

I would recommend this book for any student of Turkish. For anyone who already has some basic understanding of the language it is the only reference book (other than a dictionary) you will need. For absolute beginners I would still recommend it, but I would also recommend a basic text like "Teach Yourself Turkish".
By Sean - Amazon Verified Purchase - 19 May 2012

John: Congratulations on a great book. Please consider writing an accompanying workbook also.