talk > buyurun "you're welcome!"

Turkish buyurun "Please be so kind."

buyurun or the more formal buyurunuz is a widely used word in Turkish.

There are many translations in English according to context.

It is the second person Singular or Plural of the Simple Present tense of the verb buyurmak Would you be so kind as to.. [LIT: Would you deign to, to command, to decree, to make an order.]

It is an important word, and heavily used in daily conversation

About Turkish buyurun Please be so kind!

  1. When calling on someone's house and they say buyurun it means Please come in!
  2. When they point to a chair buyurun Please sit down!
  3. When they serve tea buyurun Please drink and enjoy!
  4. On entering a shop the shopkeeper may say buyurun efendim meaning Can I help you, sir?
  5. In a restaurant or cafe when the waiter or bar man says buyurun it means What would you like?
  6. In many busy places markets, souvenir shops, cafes etc. there is often a professional barker who will be saying to all passers by buyurun Come and buy!
  7. If in a cafe you ask to see what food is being prepared in the kitchen (normal in Turkey) then the answer would be buyurun meaning in this case Of course you may!
  8. When answering the telephone you say buyurun meaning I'm listening to your call
  9. Turkish speakers also say efendim on answering telephone phone to say Hello! in a polite manner.
  10. When passing people in narrow places or entering lifts etc. buyurun means After you!

There are many cases where buyurun is used. It is constant use in all walks of life and is often abraded to buyrun in colloquial daily speech.

Turkish Buyurun is a useful word: "Welcome! Here you go! Have a go! Have a seat! Come over here!" and more…

This word has become a universal polite request or pleasant command, and is in constant daily use in all areas of familiar and formal Turkish life . It is a catch-all word for most situations.


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