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Formation of Degree of Equality in Turkish

The degree of equality is obtained by the use of kadar [Lit: "its amount"] as
Londra İstanbul kadar güzel. London is as beautiful as Istanbul.
Mehmet Ali kadar zengin. Mehmet is as rich as Ali.
Kar kadar beyaz. As white as snow.

Negative Equality in Turkish

The negative comparison is marked by the use of değil is not placed after the comparison.
Londra İstanbul kadar güzel değil. London is not as beautiful as Istanbul.
Ayşe Deren kadar boylu değil. Ayşe is not as tall as Deren.

Formation of Degree of Comparison in Turkish

This comparison is made by using daha more and suffixing the object being compared with dan or den from
thus giving the sense than in the comparison.

Mehmet Ali'den daha zengin. Mehmet is richer than Ali.
İstanbul Londra'dan daha güzel. Istanbul is more beautiful than London.
Demir sudan daha ağır. Iron is heavier than water.

Negative of Comparison in Turkish

The Negative First Degree Comparison uses daha az less(er)
Londra İstanbul'dan daha az meşgul. London is less busy than Istanbul.
Bulmacalar Türkçe derslerden daha az ilginç. Crosswords are less interesting than Turkish lessons

Formation of Positive Superlative in Turkish

The Third Degree of Comparison is obtained by using en the most
Mehmet en zengin adam. Mehmet is the richest man.
Dünyanın en güzel şehri, İstanbul. Istanbul is the world's most beautiful city.

Negative Superlative in Turkish

The Negative uses en az the least [Lit: the most less]
Dünyanın en az zengin memleketleri Afrika'da. The least richest countries of the world are in Africa.
However, the fact is that although possible, usage of en az for negative superlatives is not common.
The preferred way is to use the superlative form of opposite adjective. So, the preferred way of the example is:
Dünyanın en fakir memleketleri Afrika'da. The world's poorest countries are in Africa.

  • The more common usage of en az is at least
  • Ahmet en az Mehmet kadar zekidir. Ahmet is at least as intelligent as Mehmet
  • Sen de en az benim kadar yeteneklisin. You are at least as talented as me.
  • kadar iyi as good as..
  • bu, o kadar iyi this, is as good as that.
  • bu onun kadar iyi this is as good as that.
  • dan daha iyi better than
  • bu, ondan daha iyi this, is better than that.
  • en iyisi the best..
  • bu, en iyisi(dir) [Lit: iyisi the best] this, is the best of all

Shades of Adjectival Degree in Turkish

çok - too, very, many
Çok para istiyorhe wants a lot of money.
Çok mutluyum.I'm very happy.
Çok odalı bir otel.a hotel containing many rooms.
en çok - the most
en çok parathe most money
En çok para Ali'de.Ali has got the most money.
Tepede en çok ev var.most of the houses are on the hill.
daha - more
İki çay daha, lütfen.two more teas, please.
Daha beş bira, lütfen.five beers more, please.
fazla - too much, excessive
Fazla yemek geldi.too much food has arrived.
Fazla para istediler.they wanted too much money.
daha fazla - much more
Daha fazla yemek geldi.much more food has arrived.
Daha fazla para istediler.they wanted much more money.

Negative Shades of Adjectival Degree in Turkish

az, biraz - a little
az, biraza little
Az sonra çarşıya gidiyorum.I'm going to the shops a little later on.
Biraz tuz istiyorum.I want a little salt.
daha az - more less(er) lesser
Yemeğe daha az tuz koyunuz.put less salt on the food.
Buralarda, daha az polis var.there are less policemen around here.
pek az - a bit less(er) very little
pek az sigara kullanıyorum.I smoke (cigarettes) just a little.
pek az şeker istiyorum.I only want a little sugar.
çok az - a lot less(er)
çok az benzin kalıyor.just a small amount of petrol is left.
çok az para istedi.he only wanted a very small amount of money.


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